Prof. Jeong-Ha You

Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching


Prof. Jeong-Ha You is working at Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching, Germany since 1999 as tenured scientist. Since 2014, he has been leading the conceptual design and technology R&D activities for the Divertor and Limiter of the European fusion demonstration reactor (DEMO) in the framework of EUROfusion Consortium. In this Consortium, the entire R&D resources in the European nuclear fusion community are mobilized and integrated for realizing nuclear fusion power by mid-century. In his role as the Project leader in 2014-2020 (Horizon 2020), Dr. You has managed R&D budget of 15M€, and is currently handling 24M€ in 2021-2027 (Horizon Europe) as Deputy in charge of the DEMO Divertor and Limiter. In his team, 50 experts from 16 European research laboratories and universities are involved. He is also serving as adjunct professor in the physics faculty of Ulm University where he completed his Habilitation (physics). Prof. You was educated at Seoul National University (BSc/MSc, metallurgy) and at RWTH Aachen (Dr.-Ing. mechanical engineering) where he was awarded Borchers prize. Before he joined the MPI, he was trained at Institute of Energy Materials of Research Center Jülich as doctoral student (DAAD scholarship) and postdoctoral associate (FZJ research grant) and at Institute of General Mechanics of RWTH. His research interests are focused on the most severely loaded plasma-facing components of a fusion power plant covering a broad spectrum of scopes including materials, mechanics, design, simulation, manufacturing technology and component testing. He published 170 technical papers in journals.

Plenary Title: TBA


Dr. Woo, Wanchuck

Division Director of Neutron Science Division at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


Wanchuck Woo is Division Director in Neutron Science Division at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon, South Korea from 2020. He obtained Ph.D in 2006 from MSE, The University of Tennessee, USA, MS/BS form Korea University in 1996. He worked at R&D center, SAMSUNG in 2001 and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2008. His research interests are physical, mechanical properties including residual stress and deformation behavior using diffraction and destructive methods in structural metals and alloys. He published over 150 papers and cited 3000 times.

Plenary Title: Neutron beam science and application in Korean research reactor, HANARO

The HANARO (High-Flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor) is a 30 MW multi-purpose research reactor generating a very high neutron flux for the scientific and technological purposes. HANARO has been playing an important role as a national facility in the area of neutron science and applications. Recently it has restarted operations and neutron experiments after completed alterations including reinforcing its walls for about seven years. Briefly I will introduce to the reactor and a number of neutron scattering/imaging instruments. Furthermore, a few examples of neutron research activities and highlights in the research fields of basic science, energy materials, and industrial applications will be presented.