How to get to Frankfurt

If you are travelling to Frankfurt by plane from Korea, you will arrive at Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt am Main. The Korean Air, Lufthasa and Asiana have a direct flight from Seoul to Frankfurt. But if you want to fly from Europe, you can fly directly to Düsseldorf [ Arrival by plane (Frankfurt International Airportt, Düsseldorf international Airport) ] To get from Frankfurt International Airport to the city Essen. In Frankfurt airport you can either take the plane to Düsseldorf or take the train to the city Essen. In Düsseldorf Airport you can take the train to the Essen Central Station.

How to reach WU

Directions to the Essen Education Center BEW [ By car ] A52 motorway to the Essen-Rüttenscheid exit, follow Alfredstraße (B224) south to Essen-Werden and Velbert. The Wimberstraße branches off the Bergische Landstraße at its highest point, approx. 700 m north of the Essen / Velbert city limits. [ By public transportation ] With the S-Bahn line S6 to the stop "Essen-Werden". From there • by bus 169 (platform 5, every 20 minutes) in the direction of "Velbert". Get off at the stop "Kamillushaus" or • by bus line 190 (platform 2, every 30 minutes) in the direction of "Ruhrlandklinik". Get off at the "Kamillushaus" stop. Wimberstraße branches off to the left after approx. 250 m out of town. You can also put together your own travel plan via the Rhein-Ruhr transport association. To do this, please click on this link.