Dr. KO, Young-Joo

Daejeon Institute of S&T for Enterprise and People


[ Academy ] Feb. 1986 Bachelor, Sogang University Feb. 1988 Master in Chemistry, Sogang University May 2005 PhD in STI Policy, The University of Manchester [ Career ] Sep.2020-Sep2023 Presidient, DISTEP Jan.2010-Feb.2018 Director, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology Sep.2013-Sep.2020 Adjunct professor, University of Science & Technology March.2020-Feb.2022 Member, Presidential Council for Intellectual Property Dec.2019-Dec.2021 Member, Committee of Regional S&T Promotion Dec.2019-Nov.2022 President, Asian Society for Innovation and Policy Jan.2018-Dec.2018 President, Korea Technology Innovation Society

Plenary Title: Global Innovation Competition and Korea's Strategy